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Baby wipes 80 sheets - 80 Sheets
Adult Diapers Medium - 10
Sea Fresh Koolers - 25 Wipes

Baby wipes 80 sheets

80 Sheets

  • MRP:
  • र 155

Product Dimensions: 185 X 110 X 65

Product Information:

Freshones baby wipes are soft & conenient for washing babies dry.these pre-moistened wipes are alcohol free. Naturally & gently cleans your baby's tender skin.Most ideal for use at nappy change,feed & playtime .As mild as pure water to skin. This conatains 80's Sheets thik,soft, Alcohol free wipes. Learn more.

Adult Diapers Medium


  • Size: 75-150 cm

Product Information:

Suitable for people with long term illness, or any reasons that in need.Learn more.

Sea Fresh Koolers

25 Wipes

  • MRP:
  • र 99
  • Size: 200 mm X 100 mm

Product Information:

Kooler Sea Fresh is a trip down the serenity of open spaces evoking memories of a walk along the sea shore.Learn more.

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We pioneered the concept of wet wipes in India and are now the leading producer of wet wipes and dry tissues in the country. Ever since our beginning in 1986, we have focused on manufacturing high quality personal care products to keep India cool, clean and fresh. At Tainwala, we are constantly innovating to cater to your comfort and cleanliness. Over the years we have established 6 brands – Fresh Ones, Baby Fun, Kotton, Black & White, Taina, and Casper – to tailor our products for a larger demographic. We also cater to private label orders by customizing every step of production.

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